Nesting 2

So what is the draw of the front room? There was my first next.  Upstairs I remember only MA’s kitchen table…There seemed to be much space above me and around me but in the “garden apartment” lower ceilings and in the front room an overstuffed blue chair with wide arms and facing the front and only window.  From here I could see the world walking by and in the space between cushion and arm I could hide treasures.  I had a blanket and pillow and the chair became my first conscious personal space.  Here I had a degree of comfort and power.  I was in charge making the chair do my bidding.  What I would imagine the chair would become. A fort, a ship, a tent , a mountain observation point. A secret library where picture books were ingested and finally a place to take a nap. This chair did not have to be shared with anyone else.  It was mine.

This nesting, this private space need became and is still very important to me.

Author: theprudentpensioner

That is the point of the blog..."Me" is ever emerging, ever changing...This blog is to examine the core behaviors..and where I am now in harmony with those ideas that to me are core ideas those carried with me in memory.

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